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Long in History - Rich in Tradition - Legendary
About the Chincoteague Ponies
The Chincoteague Ponies have a long and famous history originating from Spain where they were bred to work in the coal mines.

Much research has been done on how they arrived here in the United States. Records show that their ancestors were shipped over on a spanish galleon in the 16th century where they encountered a storm just off the coast of Virgina. The ship sunk and the surviving ponies swam ashore to Assateague Island.

Many stories have been written over the years which have stirred intrigue and mystery.  This has helped to establish a legacy about the ponies worldwide. Many children have grown up reading books about "Misty of Chincoteague" since the 1940's and now share the stories with their own children and grandchildren.

In 1994 a registry was established in Virginia to recognize the Chincoteague Pony as a registered breed. The prices of the pony foals being auctioned during Pony Penning went higher than ever before because of this registry. That registry ended in 2012.     

The Chincoteague Pony Registry is vitally important in establishing and maintaining traceability of lineage and the accomplishments of the ponies we love.  .